This jelly is made with “Kumo no Umeshu” (Cloud Plum Wine) from Fuji Shuzo Sake Brewery in Shimane Prefecture, Japan. Preserved Japanese plum flesh and plum wine are simmered together, creating a jelly with a refreshing flavor and refined sweetness.

Enjoy the taste of spicy aromatic Izumo ginger in this deliciously soft yet chewy Japanese jelly sweet.

We have combined agar, glutinous rice flour, and kudzu powder with figs from Taki (Izumo City, Japan) which is famous for its elegantly sweet and fresh figs. Our fig mochi has a wonderfully soft and chewy texture.

A gift box of seasonally assorted agar sweets. Contains five select sweets—Yuzu Mochi, Awayuki Strawberry (strawberry flavor which melts in your mouth), Kudzu Mochi Matcha Azuki (matcha and red bean flavor), Plum Sake Agar Candy, Kuri Kinton (mashed sweet chestnuts). This box set is a perfect gift when visiting family or friends.