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The Kojiki, which chronicled the history of Japan over 1300 years ago, contains many myths set in Shimane. Within them, Izumo Taisha Grand Shrine was known as the “En-musubi” shrine. “En” is the mysterious fate-binding power, or spiritual link between people and other people, nature, and even things. People visit the shrine to pray for such things as happiness in love, family, friendship, and business.

Shimane is situated in the northern area of the Chugoku Region which is located in western Japan. Squeezed between the Sea of Japan and the Chugoku Mountains, Shimane is a treasure trove for food. And thanks to its vast nature and humid climate, a diverse culinary culture has blossomed from ingredients found in the mountains and sea to create local cuisines like soba (buckwheat noodles), Japanese sweets, tea, sake, miso, and soy sauce. What is so attractive about them is that they can be paired together to enhance each other's flavors. Pairing Japanese sweets with green tea accentuates the sweetness of the Japanese sweets and brings out the aroma of the green tea. Pairing sake with foods like soba, sashimi, and tempura will give you an entirely new dining experience. Food, as well, is enriched by “en.” We hope that people who read this brochure can enjoy the “matchmaking” of Shimane’s foods.

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