Agricultural Products Grown With the Favor of Mother Nature

Organic Foods

In Shimane, environmentally friendly agriculture is actively practiced by utilizing the abundant natural landscape. Many farmers put great effort into organic farming a variety of produce such as Japanese green tea, vegetables, and fruits. Shimane is top-ranked in Japan for the ratio of organic JAS-certified agricultural fields to all cultivated areas.
About 80% of Shimane Prefecture is woodland, and most of agricultural fields are divided into small patches nearby rivers. Therefore, many farmers engage in organic farming on small pieces of land in hilly and mountainous areas. This organic agriculture on small-scale farms in Shimane is creating high commercial value by taking advantage of the natural resources such as clean water and unpolluted soil.

Organic Agriculture Preserves the Original Japanese Landscape

Since ancient times, “circular agriculture” has been practiced, coexisting with nature in Shimane. Even now, only a few minutes’ drive from urban areas, you can find beautifully nostalgic rural scenery. Organic agriculture protects not only the safety of the produce, but also the irreplaceable natural environment, traditional farming, and the farmers’ efforts and desires for high-quality crops.

Shimane Organic Farm is one of the companies that plays an important role in organic agriculture. Vice President of Shimane Organic Farm, Toshimichi Furuno, says “In Shimane Prefecture, especially in the farming villages of hilly and mountainous areas, there remains unpolluted farming land that has not been exposed to pesticides or chemical fertilizers; there are many such places which are protected by deep mountain ranges from the inflow of chemical substances. Also, there remain some farmers who stick to traditional farming by using compost and green manure, making it easier to obtain the organic certification without greatly changing their farming methods. We have an environment that allows for an easier focus on organic farming.”