We’ve cooked Japanese mackerel on the bone until perfectly tender, lightly salted the flakes, and added kelp extract to enhance the umami flavor. Enjoy without any additional cooking required-simply sprinkle over rice or use as a topping for other dishes.

Lightly salted filets of Japanese mackerels which are then packed. Simply heat in a frying pan and serve.

Tsukudani, an essential element of Japanese cuisine, consists of seaweed boiled in sweetened soy sauce and turned into a paste. This classic tsukudani contains no artificial seasoning or preservatives. It goes perfectly with warm rice, or as a dressing for vegetables, noodles, and soups.

One of the most popular fish in izakaya (Japanese-style tapas bars), this Atka mackerel has been cut open and dried. Carefully grill both sides on medium heat (to avoid getting stuck to the grill) and enjoy.