We have combined agar, glutinous rice flour, and kudzu powder with figs from Taki (Izumo City, Japan) which is famous for its elegantly sweet and fresh figs. Our fig mochi has a wonderfully soft and chewy texture.

A gift box of seasonally assorted agar sweets. Contains five select sweets—Yuzu Mochi, Awayuki Strawberry (strawberry flavor which melts in your mouth), Kudzu Mochi Matcha Azuki (matcha and red bean flavor), Plum Sake Agar Candy, Kuri Kinton (mashed sweet chestnuts). This box set is a perfect gift when visiting family or friends.

Our rose tea is made from 100% select dried rose petals. It can be enjoyed not only as a flavorful rose tea but also as an ingredient or decoration for sweets.

An original caffeine-free powdered herb tea, with unique taste, flavor, and functionality. Perfect for making green smoothies and ice creams.

We carefully select and use high-quality aromatic matcha. Just mix eggs and milk in the quantity directed and bake; you will have a masterfully made matcha pancake. It can be adapted into many varieties of sweets such as scones, dorayaki pancakes, doughnuts, and waffles.

Made with matcha that is carefully selected by Senchasou, this healthy drink can be enjoyed every day. With both matcha and collagen in one drink, it is perfect for people who want both beauty and good health.

This matcha is 100% from the Izumo region—our tea leaves are grown at our own tea plantation in Izumo City, Japan, and turned into powder at our own factory. We use only the highest-quality leaves to make a matcha of exceptional aroma and flavor.

Our sencha green leaf tea uses only the year’s newest tea leaves grown at our tea plantation. We further select only the best of those tea leaves to create the highest-grade sencha possible. Enjoy the fresh aroma and rich umami flavor of this premium tea.

With a naturally earthy aroma, we have combined wild kuromoji(Lindera umbellate) from Shimane Prefecture with organic black tea to make a full-bodied blend. This tea is a luxurious fusion of spicy flavor with sweet and bitter notes.

This organic green leaf tea is made with the tea leaves grown using its local plant-based compost such as wood chips, and uses absolutely no pesticides. English packages are also available.

Using no oils or fats, and with no food additives, this is a traditional and healthy Japanese confection. Cut it into slices of any size you like and serve. Castella cakes are also known as honey cakes and are popular in Asia.

Soft sweet red bean paste is mixed into fluffy roast chestnuts, and sandwiched between two softly baked pancakes. The taste of the pancake batter goes perfectly with the red bean paste.

The eggs “Irodori Tenyuran” used in our pudding are from our spacious cage-free chicken house, “Tanabe Forest Chicken House.” Creamy and smooth, the gentle egg flavor of this product can be enjoyed by everyone, including children.

This junmai-shu (pure rice sake) is made using a revived variety of rice called “Kairyo Hattan-nagare.” You can enjoy the balanced aroma and umami of this special sake by drinking it alone, or by pairing it with a wide variety of cuisines such as Japanese, Chinese or Italian.

With sweet-and-sour notes and a low alcohol content (5%), this sake is easy to drink—perfect for those who don’t usually drink sake. We recommend serving in a champagne glass, paired with appetizers such as Caprese salad or dried tomatoes.

The bitterness of the hops will tantalize your taste buds! Our dry pale ale is excellent with food, especially rich meats such as wagyu beef or sirloin steak. Savor meats even more as your palate is refreshed by our beer’s bitterness and aroma.

It’s not bitter! A roasted and mild dark beer! Our milk stout tastes exceptionally smooth—it pairs well with the soy sauce flavors of braised pork, or Japanese-style meat and potato stews. We also recommend an accompaniment of roasted nuts or smoked bacon.

Enjoy the refreshing Muscat grape-like aroma and soft sweetness of this junmai daiginjo. It pairs well with not only Japanese cuisine, but also European cuisine such as carpaccio.

This plum wine is made with Japanese plums preserved in our “Nana Kanba” pure rice sake. Using locally grown fruit, we carefully make our plum wine by hand. Not too sweet, you can enjoy its mellow flavor on its own, on the rocks, or even with soda.

A natural sparkling sake created using secondary fermentation in each bottle. Easy to drink, its fine bubbles provide a refreshing taste that is perfect for making a toast. We also recommend pairing it with roast beef or cheese.

Inspired by the traditional belief that the deity of the Izumo region bestows good fortune upon one’s relationships, we have crafted a sake with a delicate aroma and smooth taste. Enjoy chilled in a wine glass to appreciate the flavors even more.

A blend of 100% yuzu juice produced in Shimane Prefecture, and TOYONOAKI junmai sake which contains 100% Shimane-grown rice. With 20% yuzu juice and 7% alcohol, this unique liqueur is mild and well-rounded. Chill and serve straight, on the rocks, or with soda.

We have managed to create a junmai daiginjo using 100% “gohyakumangoku” rice, known for being an exceptionally suitable rice for brewing sake in Shimane Prefecture. It has a slightly dry taste and is a refined drinking experience.

No wheat is used in this gluten-free soy sauce. It is naturally brewed and aged for two years, and tastes as delicious as our regular soy sauce. Just like a standard soy sauce, enjoy it with sushi and sashimi, or mix it with wasabi or mustard to flavor your favorite grilled dishes. Contains no artificial additives or preservatives.

A blend of gluten free tamari soy sauce and natural yuzu juice. Enjoy with salads, shabu-shabu sliced meat, tofu (chilled or warmed), soups, dim sum cuisine such as dumplings, sushi, sashimi, and more. Contains no artificial seasonings or preservatives.

Our soy sauce proudly uses ingredients produced in Japan. Smoked with cherry blossom wood chips, it is a distinctively flavorful soy sauce—useful as a secret ingredient in mashed potato or for seasoning pasta dishes.

This soy sauce is made using the oil from perilla seeds, which are grown without any chemical fertilizers. Enjoy as an alternative to salad dressing, or mix with vinegar or mayonnaise to make an original sauce.

Our organic whole bean soy sauce uses select ingredients grown in Japan, such as organic soybeans and organic wheat. It is aged for two years in traditional wooden barrels with sun-dried salt, which creates a crisp yet full-bodied flavor. Enjoy as your regular soy sauce, and also for fatty fish sashimi, such as a yellowtail.

Our organic yuzu ponzu sauce is so flavorful because it has a base of organic whole bean soy sauce, blended with our very own rich dashi broth and other select ingredients such as organic yuzu juice produced in Japan, organic rice vinegar, organic sugar, and organic mirin. The dashi broth is made by boiling dried bonito shavings along with renowned kelp from Hidaka, Hokkaido. It goes very well with pork or chicken.

At Ippuku Soba Restaurant, founded over 100 years ago, we continue to make our soba noodle dipping sauce with the same flavors and techniques developed by our founder, Ms. Some Ito. This rich sauce brings out the flavor of the soba noodles.

Our rose syrup’s aroma and color come only from edible roses grown organically at Okuizumo Rose Garden. It has a signature full-bodied rose flavor and transparent rosy hue—perfect for cocktails or cake toppings.

This refreshing and aromatic tea is made by carefully roasting rare Tartary buckwheat seeds grown in Japan. It contains plenty of rutin, a type of polyphenol which helps to support a radiant and glowing skin complexion. Because it is caffeine-free, you can enjoy it close to bedtime without worry.

Refreshing yuzu citrus flavors with the pungent spice of red chili peppers—our original mixture brings out the best of both ingredients. It goes well with soups and meats like beef steak.

This soba is easy to make! Simply place in a bowl with hot water, microwave for 3 minutes, and then add soba tsuyu sauce—perfect for when you’re busy or just want a quick meal.

This udon is easy to make! Simply place in a bowl with hot water, microwave for 3 minutes, and then add udon tsuyu sauce—perfect for when you’re busy or just want a quick meal.

We grow giant chili peppers called “Orochi’s Claw” in the clean air and soil of Yoshida Town, Shimane Prefecture—located in a remote mountainous region of Western Japan. This chili powder is very aromatic, with a spiciness that slowly covers your tongue. Sprinkle it over ramen, udon, soba noodles, and meat dishes.

Our light, Japanese-style barbecue sauce uses soy sauce as a base, with the natural sweet and savory flavors of vegetables. This mild and smooth sauce can be enjoyed on barbecued meats or stir-fried vegetables.

This ramen is made with premium noodles and a tasty broth, made with extract from batou (John Dory fish)—freshly caught at Hamada Port on the Sea of Japan. All you need is a frying pan or pot to easily make this delicious ramen.

This all-purpose stock uses batou (John Dory fish) extract and contains no artificial additives. The shaved bonito flavor enhances all kinds of dishes such as Japanese-style mixed rice, omelets, and miso soup.

Oden is a typical dish that uses dashi, a symbolic ingredient of Japanese food culture. By adding 1 liter of water to the included soup stock and simmering your favorite ingredients, you can make delicious oden at home.

You can fill this tube-shaped fish cake with cucumber strips or cheese to make a wonderful appetizer. As a substitute for ham or sausage in sautés, or as a topping for salads, enjoy deliciously healthy meals with this fish cake.

Tsukudani, an essential element of Japanese cuisine, consists of seaweed boiled in sweetened soy sauce and turned into a paste. This classic tsukudani contains no artificial seasoning or preservatives. It goes perfectly with warm rice, or as a dressing for vegetables, noodles, and soups.

One of the most popular fish in izakaya (Japanese-style tapas bars), this Atka mackerel has been cut open and dried. Carefully grill both sides on medium heat (to avoid getting stuck to the grill) and enjoy.

We have boiled seaweed in soy sauce and sugar to make a paste. It is perfect over rice, or combined with cream cheese to make a delicious filling between two crackers. Seaweed is a popular health food.

You can make soy sauce flavored Japanese seaweed soup by just adding hot water. In a mug, mix 2 tablespoons of the mix with 150 ml (5 – 6 oz) hot water, sir well, and serve.

We fill each can with large pieces of yellowtail that has been simmered in soy sauce. With a mild sweetness, it pairs perfectly with a bowl of warm rice.

This rare canned delicacy consists of soft and fluffy conger eel meat that has been lightly simmered in a rich soy sauce. It is the perfect complement to sake. Shimane Prefecture has the largest catch of conger eel in Japan.

These shijimi are produced in Lake Shinji, which boasts the largest catch in Japan. They can be enjoyed in a wide variety of ways, such as in traditional miso soup, steamed in sake, as a topping for pasta dishes, and more.

We box fresh fish from the coast of Shimane, either seasonally assorted or made to order. Using our high-freshness proton freezer, the fish is frozen without any loss in freshness or taste. We can also create assortments according to your budget.

On an island in the Sea of Japan, our rock oysters are grown under a unique cultivation system that ensures both safety and richness of the oyster meat. Our oysters are fresh, juicy, and have a refreshing sweetness. Enjoy them raw or cooked just like Pacific oysters and European flat oysters.

Submerge in water for 30 – 40 minutes to thaw. Shelling is much easier than with freshly harvested rock oysters. Our rock oysters are frozen using CAS (Cells Alive System) which retains the integrity of the cells and tissue—they can be safely enjoyed raw and have the same quality as fresh oysters.

Richly sweet, soft, and chewy—these are the reasons why customers love our squid. Adored as a gourmet sushi topping, it has often been exported overseas. Frozen using CAS (Cells Alive System) which retains the integrity of cells and tissue, our swordtip squid remains fresh after thawing and can be used for sashimi.

This premium rice is grown in terraced paddies surrounded by abundant vegetation, at an elevation of 300 to 500 meters. Delicious when freshly cooked, it retains its fluffy texture when cool, and is also perfect for rice balls and bento box meals. A rice cooker is recommended for cooking.

This premium rice is grown in terraced paddy fields surrounded by abundant vegetation, at an elevation of 300 to 500 meters. We have taken extra time and effort to grow this special cultivation, following strict government guidelines to ensure a natural crop. That is why our rice tastes exceptionally delicious, not only when freshly cooked, but also when cooled down. Its fluffy texture makes it perfect for rice balls and bento box meals. A rice cooker is recommended for cooking.

These dried sweet potatoes (from Shimane Prefecture, Japan) are a nostalgic food for many Japanese. We have made the texture soft and easy to eat. By lightly roasting them, you can savor the tenderness and comforting aroma. A bit of butter adds even extra flavor.

We have cut saijogaki persimmons (a specialty of Hamada City in Shimane, Japan) into bite-sized pieces and slowly dried them. You can really taste the natural sweetness and umami of the persimmons, as well as enjoy their perfectly chewy texture. No additives are used.

Saijogaki persimmons (a specialty of Hamada City in Shimane, Japan) are dried slowly to give them an even sweeter flavor and richer umami. We recommend keeping them in a refrigerator (10℃ or lower) to avoid the juices from escaping. No additives are used.

Traditionally, cows that no longer give birth are consigned to factories for mincing or processed meat production. However, we instead keep such cows by fattening them again, while focusing on sustainability and animal welfare, so that they are suitable for serving as a premium beef product. Mellowed with age, our beef is perfectly marbled, and has a rich umami flavor integral to Wagyu beef—it is sure to satisfy your taste buds.

(For more details, please contact sbfarm@athena.ocn.ne.jp)