We have prepared small yet fatty Nodoguro (Blackthroat seaperch; also called Akamutsu in some regions of Japan). Their fat is creamy and pleasant to eat. Simply broil to enjoy the real umami of Nodoguro.

Conger eels caught in the sea off the coast of the San-in region are known for their freshness and lack of a strong fishy aroma. We soak the fresh conger eels in brine and then dry them thoroughly to concentrate their umami flavor. You can simply broil and enjoy, but they are also excellent as tempura (deep fried in batter).

We have used plenty of fully ripened Momotaro tomatoes produced by Technical Cultivation (hydroponic farming). This sauce is bursting with the umami flavor of tomatoes. Containing onion, it goes well with fried foods and salads. No additives, no artificial coloring.

Because our product is concentrated, you can make your desired amount of soup. The john dory fish extract will superbly enhance the flavor of your ingredients. Even if extra vegetables are added, the soup remains rich and enjoyable to the end of the meal. There are miso and soy sauce flavors.

This is our main product that is produced for the ginjo class, with a rice polishing ratio of 55%. It is characterized by its sweet and fruity ginjo aroma. We offer a “Taiun Series” product line that uses different preparation techniques. We produce around 600 bottles a year.

This is our premium sake. It uses Formosa Rice “Taichu 65” that is harvested in Shimane Prefecture. We adjust our brewing and processing depending on the outcome of the crop, so every year we apply different and best-suited brewing techniques to create the most premium sake possible. Our sake, Taichu 65, is characterized by its sweet and fruity ginjo aroma. Currently our low-volume production creates around 1,000 bottles a year.

Only in-season fish in Shimane Prefecture are processed for our sashimi. While the fish are very fresh, our artisan chefs prepare the sashimi slices; we then conduct high-fresh freezing and vacuum-sealed packaging, all in house. By simply defrosting, you can enjoy fresh sashimi without wasting any portion.

*Sazae (turban shell) is from the Sea of Japan, off the coast of the San-in region.
We process live sazae turban shell while it is fresh and immediately put into proton freezing to flash freeze the product; despite being frozen, this sazae turban shell tastes as fresh as if it were just caught. It is the perfect addition to an assorted sashimi dish. Desired portions can be thawed at room temperature as needed.
(Obtained HACCP certification in June 2022)

Having a moderate aroma, this sake pairs perfectly with white meat fish sashimi that has a light and delicate taste. It also goes well with lightly salted tempura. Different from currently trending varieties of ginjo sake, it has a dry and light flavor.

This unique liquor is made with tomato and rice shochu (distilled sake spirit). The taste of the alcohol is modest, with an impressive acidity, body, and sweetness. Adding milk creates a milder taste, whereas yogurt increases fruitiness by blending the flavors of fermentation. For health-conscious consumers, soy milk is a great addition.

We have made this luxurious fish from the Sea of Japan into a dried fish product. People love the unmatched richness and juicy fat of black throat seaperch. This fish is especially high in demand in Japan.

Shimane Prefecture is Japan’s number one region for producing dried flounders. The flounders’ soft white meat has a very elegant taste. It is already salted; simply broil and serve.

+S Water is a super soft water with a hardness of 19 mg/L. Soft water provides a smooth mouth feel and pairs well with Japanese dishes. When used to cook rice, the rice becomes very soft and fluffy. +S Water brings out the umami of your dish’s ingredients, and enhances the flavor of your coffee or tea when used for brewing. It is rich with silica—an essential component of forming collagen—at 70mg per liter.

This is a dark colored miso with two types blended together—one made with malted soy and another with malted rice. With seasoning already added, it is a very versatile and convenient condiment that upgrades your cooking by simply adding to or placing on other ingredients. The taste is light and simple.

This miso is unique because it contains a higher ratio of malted rice to soy, resulting in a shorter aging period and lower salinity than other miso products. The unique flavor and sweetness of our white miso will enhance the umami of your cooking ingredients. It is also suited for Western dishes such as chowders or seafood rice gratin.

Thick yet soft Abura-age with a handmade taste. Having a good tofu texture, it is the perfect ingredient for simmered dishes or hot pots.

Having a soft and fine texture, this abura-age absorbs flavors very well. Currently available at Japanese supermarkets as well as locally owned supermarkets in Hong Kong.

Using natural spring water from the mountainous Okuizumo region, we kneaded our dough with salt to create our signature curly noodles with emphasized transparency and wheat flavor. It comes with a special soy sauce flavored soup using fish stock of flying fish caught around the Oki Islands in Shimane Prefecture. This is one of our long-selling popular products.

This premium Izumo soba uses no binding agents such as flour, providing a truly authentic flavor of soba (buckwheat). The sauce, with no artificial seasonings added, is naturally aged and matured (using the Honjozo brewing method) to complement Zaru Soba (i.e. serving the noodles cold) so that you can fully enjoy the natural flavor of the soba.

These fresh sausages have the umami flavor of “Maruhime Pork,” known for its delicate texture with sweetness in the fat. The sausages are incredibly juicy because they have not been heated during production. To cook, simply heat and enjoy the rich flavor and taste. Delivered frozen.

“Maruhime Pork,” known for its delicate texture with sweetness in the fat, is marinated in a special soy-based sauce. You can keep the product in its vacuum-packed bag as is. To prepare, simply defrost in the refrigerator and pan fry. You can create your own dish by adding vegetables or other seasonings. Delivered frozen.

Its mild flavor lets you enjoy the real umami of rice. Refreshing and light in aftertaste, this sake will pair perfectly with your meals, and it can be enjoyed cold or warm. It goes well with Japanese foods, Italian dishes, and cheese hors d’oeuvres.

Flavorful and fruity, yet refreshing and clean in aftertaste; it is a Japanese sake that you can enjoy with your meals. Its flavor may somewhat remind you of banana or Muscat grapes. Taller glasses are recommended for better enjoyment of its aroma and flavor.

“Kamaboko” fish cakes with the flavor of crab leg meat are cut and breaded with panko bread crumbs. Simply deep fry them for an easy crispy side dish. They are also perfect for making hots dog or as an ingredient in other dishes.

These skewers can be easily cooked at home on the barbecue. They contain fish meat as a key ingredient, which has relatively few calories. In addition to barbecues, they are also delicious when wrapped with bacon or cheese.
We offer two types of skewers: red snow crab from Sakai Minato Harbor (Japan) and scallop flavor.

This jelly is made with “Kumo no Umeshu” (Cloud Plum Wine) from Fuji Shuzo Sake Brewery in Shimane Prefecture, Japan. Preserved Japanese plum flesh and plum wine are simmered together, creating a jelly with a refreshing flavor and refined sweetness.

Enjoy the taste of spicy aromatic Izumo ginger in this deliciously soft yet chewy Japanese jelly sweet.

Mito in Masuda City is a prominent yuzu growing area of the San’in region (western Japan). Using a generous amount of fully ripened yuzu, we’ve created this farmhouse-style beer with a uniquely refreshing and slightly sweet aroma, as well as having mild acidity.

We have combined the French beer style called Bi?re de Garde with the “kuromoji” plant, a shrub grown in the forest of Hikimi, Masuda City (Japan) which has a refined herbal aroma. This is the perfect beer for a relaxing time.

This premium soy sauce is brewed in cedar barrels like a wine, imparting complex flavors and aromas unique to our brewery. It is excellent both as a dressing and dipping sauce. Enjoy the finishing touch of a professional chef in your own home.

Made without any soy or wheat, this gluten-free, soy-free soy sauce has been long desired by customers. You can use it as a dressing or dipping sauce in a wide variety of applications.

Only organically grown kikuimo (Jerusalem artichoke) is used in this product. Jerusalem artichoke is rich in a water-soluble dietary fiber called inulin. This crunchy snack will help curve cravings, and can also be served as a side with meals. It also makes a great topping for soups or salads.

This spice mix uses only organic ingredients produced in Japan such as yuzu fruit, chili pepper, and other vegetables, in a perfectly balanced blend. No food additives such as flavoring, coloring, or preservatives are used. With a dash of this mix, you can accent the flavor of your everyday dishes.

Enjoy fruity aromas of “ginjo” sake, with the clear and refreshing taste. This sake pairs well with a variety of dishes.

Clear and fruity aroma is the characteristic of our “ginjo” sake. Refreshing sweetness, and acidity are well balanced in this premium sake. Enjoy our highest quality sake.

Our second most popular product. Since the start of our business 100 years ago, we have been making these thick round noodles as well as flat noodles. Broth perfectly coats the noodles thanks to their unique shape, which is why they are so popular with young and old alike. Our udon is soft and chewy, yet doesn’t become too soggy. You can enjoy these noodles either cold or hot.

Our best-selling product all year round. These smooth Izumo-style soba noodles have been meticulously refined to appeal to customers of all age groups. The noodles are bundled into 100g each for easy boiling.

We’ve cooked Japanese mackerel on the bone until perfectly tender, lightly salted the flakes, and added kelp extract to enhance the umami flavor. Enjoy without any additional cooking required-simply sprinkle over rice or use as a topping for other dishes.

Lightly salted filets of Japanese mackerels which are then packed. Simply heat in a frying pan and serve.

This beer is inspired by the traditional art of “Iwami Kagura,” a sacred musical performance which depicts various stories from Japanese mythology.
Snake Dance: A light-bodied beer made with rice
Princess Dance: A cloudy yet fruity beer made with figs
Fortune Dance: A Rich and full-bodied beer made with Anno sweet potatoes

This beer was created by a group of young people wishing to “create new vitality in a region with a declining population.” Through sharing a beer together, we hope for a future with more human connection. Surrounded by a clean and lush natural environment, we hope to produce products that will enrich the life of the local community.
This Hazy India Pale Ale is distinctive with a colorful and fruity aroma of hops, a juicy taste, and a thick hazy appearance. Alcoholic Content 6.0%
(“Kaso,” meaning “declining population” in Japanese, has brought about the chance for people to rethink the direction of their lives.)