This beer is inspired by the traditional art of “Iwami Kagura,” a sacred musical performance which depicts various stories from Japanese mythology.
Snake Dance: A light-bodied beer made with rice
Princess Dance: A cloudy yet fruity beer made with figs
Fortune Dance: A Rich and full-bodied beer made with Anno sweet potatoes

This beer was created by a group of young people wishing to “create new vitality in a region with a declining population.” Through sharing a beer together, we hope for a future with more human connection. Surrounded by a clean and lush natural environment, we hope to produce products that will enrich the life of the local community.
This Hazy India Pale Ale is distinctive with a colorful and fruity aroma of hops, a juicy taste, and a thick hazy appearance. Alcoholic Content 6.0%
(“Kaso,” meaning “declining population” in Japanese, has brought about the chance for people to rethink the direction of their lives.)