We have used plenty of fully ripened Momotaro tomatoes produced by Technical Cultivation (hydroponic farming). This sauce is bursting with the umami flavor of tomatoes. Containing onion, it goes well with fried foods and salads. No additives, no artificial coloring.

Because our product is concentrated, you can make your desired amount of soup. The john dory fish extract will superbly enhance the flavor of your ingredients. Even if extra vegetables are added, the soup remains rich and enjoyable to the end of the meal. There are miso and soy sauce flavors.

This ramen is made with premium noodles and a tasty broth, made with extract from batou (John Dory fish)—freshly caught at Hamada Port on the Sea of Japan. All you need is a frying pan or pot to easily make this delicious ramen.

This all-purpose stock uses batou (John Dory fish) extract and contains no artificial additives. The shaved bonito flavor enhances all kinds of dishes such as Japanese-style mixed rice, omelets, and miso soup.