Only organically grown kikuimo (Jerusalem artichoke) is used in this product. Jerusalem artichoke is rich in a water-soluble dietary fiber called inulin. This crunchy snack will help curve cravings, and can also be served as a side with meals. It also makes a great topping for soups or salads.

This spice mix uses only organic ingredients produced in Japan such as yuzu fruit, chili pepper, and other vegetables, in a perfectly balanced blend. No food additives such as flavoring, coloring, or preservatives are used. With a dash of this mix, you can accent the flavor of your everyday dishes.

An original caffeine-free powdered herb tea, with unique taste, flavor, and functionality. Perfect for making green smoothies and ice creams.

Refreshing yuzu citrus flavors with the pungent spice of red chili peppers—our original mixture brings out the best of both ingredients. It goes well with soups and meats like beef steak.