“Kinoka Iroiro” Assorted Seasonal Sweets

A gift box of seasonally assorted agar sweets. Contains five select sweets—Yuzu Mochi, Awayuki Strawberry (strawberry flavor which melts in your mouth), Kudzu Mochi Matcha Azuki (matcha and red bean flavor), Plum Sake Agar Candy, Kuri Kinton (mashed sweet chestnuts). This box set is a perfect gift when visiting family or friends.

  • Sales price in Japan(JPY) : 600 yen
  • Volume : 348g
  • Shelf life : 180 days (Ambient temperature)
  • Quantity per case : 12 boxes
  • Minimum order lot : 10 cases
  • Package size : W 158 mm x D 34 mm x H 268 mm Weight 472g
  • Case size : W 277 mm x D 489 mm x H 150 mm Weight 6140g
  • Ingredients : [Yuzu Mochi] starch syrup, sugar, oligosaccharide, glutinous rice flour (produced in Japan), modified starch, agar, powdered wafer, egg white, yuzu/gelling agent (modified starch), flavoring, coloring (turmeric), citric acid (contains egg and soy)
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