Izumo Plum Sake Agar Candy

This jelly is made with “Kumo no Umeshu” (Cloud Plum Wine) from Fuji Shuzo Sake Brewery in Shimane Prefecture, Japan. Preserved Japanese plum flesh and plum wine are simmered together, creating a jelly with a refreshing flavor and refined sweetness.

  • Sales price in Japan(JPY) : 350 yen
  • Volume : 130g (Including packaging)
  • Shelf life : 240 days (Ambient temperature)
  • Quantity per case : 12 packs
  • Minimum order lot : 10 cases
  • Package size : W 160 mm x D 45 mm x H 220 mm Weight 140g
  • Case size : W 450 mm x D 228 mm x H 140 mm Weight 2068g
  • Ingredients : starch syrup (made in Japan), sugar, Japanese plum preservation [plum (grown in Shimane, Japan), crystallized sugar, sake, distilled alcohol], plum sake, modified starch, agar, powdered wafer, honey/flavoring, food coloring (turmeric, red cabbage), citric acid. (contains soy)

Tsuyamaya Seika Co., Ltd