Hospitality of Izumo Provincce Red Bean Rice with Tamba-Dainagon azuki beans

This is a set of rice and ingredients that can be quickly and easily cooked using your home rice cooker to enjoy.
We use “Tamba-Dainagon Azuki,” that known for its large grains and considered a high-quality variety of red beans. The sticky rice used is 100% produced in Japan and flavored by red bean broth.

  • Sales price in Japan(JPY) : 775 yen
  • Volume : 283g
  • Shelf life : 365 days (Ambient temperature)
  • Quantity per case : 8 boxes
  • Minimum order lot : 3 cases
  • Package size : W 128 mm x D 42 mm x H 168 mm Weight 328g
  • Case size : W 271 mm x D 195 mm x H 190 mm Weight 2.9kg
  • Ingredients : Dried rice (sticky rice (produced in Japan), red bean broth, salt), Red beans (Tamba Dainagon Azuki), Sesame salt (sesame, salt)
  • For Japanese Buyers :