Shisowakame (Soft and moist Furikake with seaweed and shiso herb)

This soft and moist seaweed furikake (rice seasoning) features shiso herb, offering a flavorful addition to warm rice. Experience the authentic taste and tender texture of wakame seaweed, a classic ingredient in rice balls.

  • Sales price in Japan(JPY) : 150 yen
  • Volume : 50g
  • Shelf life : 180 days (Ambient temperature)
  • Quantity per case : 20 packs x 6 boxes
  • Minimum order lot : 3 cases
  • Package size : W 130 mm x D 10 mm x H 200 mm Weight 57g
  • Case size : W 340 mm x D 420 mm x H 470 mm Weight 7600g
  • Ingredients : seasoned seaweed (produced in Japan) [wakame seaweed (product of produced in China), glucose, salt, white sesame, bonito flakes powder, green shiso perilla powder) /seasonings (amino acids, etc.), pH adjuster, flavoring

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