Delicious cucumber pickles of Izumo

Local producers in Izumo region take great care to grow the cucumbers that are used for our pickles. This product stands out with its spicy soy sauce flavor with ginger and chili pepper added as well as the cucumbers’ crunchy texture. It perfectly complements freshly cooked rice or alcohol drinks.

  • Sales price in Japan(JPY) : 500 yen
  • Volume : 100g
  • Shelf life : 180 days (Refrigerated)
  • Quantity per case : 20 packs
  • Minimum order lot : 2 cases
  • Package size : W 13 cm x D 5 cm x H 20 cm Weight 110g
  • Case size : W 30.5 cm x D 23 cm x H 8 cm Weight 2.4kg
  • Ingredients : cucumber, ginger, red chili pepper, sesame, pickling ingredients (soy sauce, mirin, sugar, salt, rice vinegar)
  • For Japanese Buyers :

Kenchanzuke Co., Ltd.