Maruhime Pork in a Comforting Japanese-style Soy Sauce Marinade

“Maruhime Pork,” known for its delicate texture with sweetness in the fat, is marinated in a special soy-based sauce. You can keep the product in its vacuum-packed bag as is. To prepare, simply defrost in the refrigerator and pan fry. You can create your own dish by adding vegetables or other seasonings. Delivered frozen.

  • Sales price in Japan(JPY) : 475 yen
  • Volume : 240g
  • Shelf life : 3 months (Frozen)
  • Quantity per case : 41 packs
  • Minimum order lot : 1 case
  • Package size : W 12 cm x D 2 cm x H 11 cm Weight 240g
  • Case size : W 41 cm x D 28 cm x H 25 cm Weight 9.9kg
  • Ingredients : pork (Maruhime pork made in Gotsu, Japan), soy sauce (contains soy and wheat), sugar, fermented rice seasoning, dried bonito soup stock, salt, ume plum vinegar with perilla leaves/seasonings (amino acid, etc.)

Asari Kanko Co., Ltd.